Appeared in Blade: Trinity
Actor Haili Page

Zoe is Sommerfield's daughter.


Blade: Trinity

Daughter of Sommerfield, Zoe is a child living with the Nightstalkers; she's aware of the vampires' existence and of the hunters' work, and she's somewhat the team's mascotte, much to Blade's dislike.

During Drake's assault on the team's base, Zoe is hidden by Sommerfield before the vampire arrives, but he kills the woman and finds Zoe thanks to his senses. Instead of killing Zoe, Danica Talos uses her to threat an imprisoned Hannibal King, promising him to transform him once again and to leave Zoe with him so he can feed on her. During King's interogation, Drake tries to convince Zoe to become a vampire, so she'll never die. When Zoe replies than, when she'll die, she'll go to Heaven, Drake replies that there are no Heaven, nor God, nor angels, to which Zoe simply replies "My friends are coming to kill you".

When Drake and the other vampires are killed by her mother's Daystar, Zoe leaves along with Abigail Whistler, who promises to take care of her.

Character traits

Despite being just a child, Zoe is very brave and cold-blooded, as shown in her dialogue with Drake. Differently from other children, she's well aware of vampires' existence due to her mother's teachings. Living with the Nightstalkers, she befriended everyone of them, especially Abigail Whistler, to whom she looks like to some sort of an aunt.



Behind the scenes

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  • Zoe plays a vital role in the final fight against Drake in the novelisation; as Drake prepares to kill Blade after the Daystar virus arrow misses, Zoe sneaks up on him and stabs him in the leg with a silver stake, distracting Drake long enough for Blade to grab the virus arrow and stab Drake in the chest with it.


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