Zander Rice
Appeared in Logan
Status Deceased
Actor Richard E. Grant

Zander Rice was a scientist that worked for the Essex Corporation and acted as the surgical head of Transigen.



Zander Rice with the Reavers and Donald Pierce track down Logan, Laura, and Charles Xavier - who are staying with the Munson family. Rice unleashes X-24 who kills Charles, the Munsons, and severely wounds Logan. X-24 is badly wounded and Rice comes to inject him with something to speed up his healing factor - while Logan and Laura had escaped.

When the Reavers track down Logan, Laura, and the mutant children who had formed the Eden safe haven at the Canadian border - Rice appears along with Pierce. Rice reveals to Logan that his father had worked for Weapon X and had been killed-Logan remembering that he had killed him. Rice's father had bonded adamantium to Logan. Rice is killed when Logan shoots him in the head while he is talking.

Character traits

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  • Genius-Level Intellect:
  • Scientific Knowledge:



Behind the Scenes

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