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Yvonne Zima

Yvonne Zima

Yvonne Zima portrayed Miss Elkridge in Iron Man 3.

Significant roles

  • Rachel Greene in E.R. (1994-2000)
  • Caitlin Cane in Spy (1996)
  • Chris McClain in A Father's Choice (2000)
  • Marian in Surrogate (2009)
  • Andrea in Love Hurts (2009)
  • Daisy Carter in The Young and the Restless (2009-2012)
  • Sophia Martinelli in Meeting Spencer (2010)
  • Katie Anderson in The Absent (2011)


  • "Actually, I auditioned for the role. Within one week of auditioning I flew out and did the part, it was all really quick. There’s a funny story, I re-met Shane sort of later in life because when we worked together I was 7 so I didn’t really know him on The Long Kiss Goodnight. Later in life, I saw him at a party and I was writing a novel at the time and I recognized him and said ‘Hey, I totally know you but you don’t know me because now I look like a woman but we worked together.’ Long story short, he actually helped me finish writing my novel and supplied me with writing notes so I know Shane as a writer but not really as a director. So it was cool to work with him as a director on Iron Man 3, he’s amazing."
  • "I think the craft service is supposed to be pretty good on big budget movies [laughs]. I’m actually a fan of Iron Man. I love that Robert Downey Jr. is Iron Man and I think that’s why a lot of people would agree that it’s elevated, a lot of the comic book movies I don’t enjoy as much as this one. I love action movies and I love him in this role, it’s an honor to be in a movie like this."
  • "I can probably say that it’s a funny role and Robert Downey Jr. is in one of the scenes I’m in, I see him but I don’t know if he sees me. That’s probably all I can say without getting trouble [laughs]."
  • "I wore high heels [laughs], that counts as stunt work for me."
  • "I didn’t read any comic books but I had seen the movies so I kind of knew what they were going for, I think this film is unique in that it’s going to be the final one, I’m pretty sure it is and with Shane Black directing I think it will be slightly darker. So knowing Shane’s work and having watched the previous Iron Man films I didn’t do much preparation, I just hopped in there."

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