Yuriko Oyama
Lady Deathstrike Hulk Vs.
Alias(es) Lady Deathstrike
Appeared in Hulk Vs.
Status Unknown (presumably deceased)
Actor Janyse Jaud
Yuriko Oyama, also known as Lady Deathstrike, is a cyborg who has superhuman strength, speed, stamina, durability, and agility.


Hulk Vs.

Her early history was unknown but it is stated that Wolverine had "dishonored" her family years ago. She have vowed to kill him by any means necessary.

After Wolverine's escape from Weapon X, Lady Deathstrike joined the Team X to kill him at all costs. She even gained the ability to have really sharp claws that could kill a normal person through biotechnology bonded to her arms.

She was with the Team X trying to capture the Hulk in a small town in Canadian border but the green brute defeated them and escaped.

When Wolverine was sent by Department H to stop Hulk's rampage and almost won,they quickly captured them and took them back to the Weapon X facility. When Wolverine was awake, Deadpool ststed that she tried to kill him in his sleep then knocked him out with his automatic pistol.

In his cell, Lady Deathstrike entered his cell and said that he will die for the "dishonor" he brought to her family. The Professor tried to reason with her that Wolverine is too valuable for Weapon X until got scrached by Sabretooth who wanted to kill his little brother too.

Then she released Wolverine and began to torture him to death along with Sabretooth. But he survived and took out the two then got out in his cell to find Banner.

After the two recovered, Sabretooth had decided to kill Wolverine without the Professor to object their decisions as the Team X agreed including Deadpool who just do this for fun and said to his teammates to "strike a pose!" and they did by roaring.

They began to attack Wolverine who rescued Banner from his reprogramming chamber in an ensuing battle. The Team X nearly won if not for the Hulk who came out from Banner who immediately attacked them. Lady Deathstrike attacked the Hulk who called her "ugly girl". She almost won until Hulk beaten her, ripping her robotic arms off in the process.

As the Hulk destroyed the facility,Lady Deathstrike and Omega Red was never seen again as Deadpool and Sabretooth were the only ones left.

Her fate was unknown whether she survived or died in the explosion.


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