The Xandarians are the inhabitants of Xandar. They are protected by the Nova Corps.


Guardians of the Galaxy

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Powers and Abilities

Also, Xandarins are more durable than humans, as being sent flying across a large room or falling from great height has not been shown to kill them as it would a normal human, with the only apparent affect being pain and a degree of injury. This allowed Kyln Guards to survive being beaten down by Drax (who smashed one into the floor with enough force to damage it) and one of their technicians to survive being flung into a wall at and off a balcony by Groot, as his exclaims of pain where heard even after he struck the wall.


Not only is their species have space travel, but also have ships that project force fields used to contain individuals or to create a blockade by have their ships interlocking.


Xandarians are extremely human-like, possessing the same appearances, mannerisms, and overall nature. The only substantial difference in their biology how some have inhuman looking eyes and blue blood.

Notable Xandarians


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