X-Men Comics
Appeared in Logan
"Read these in your spare time? Oh look Charles we got ourselves an X-Men fan. You do know they are all bullshit right? Maybe quarter of it happened and not like this."
―Logan to Laura[src]

The X-Men Comics were a series of comic books published being adapted in comic book form by "X-Men Comics Group".



Made some time after the X-Men’s defeat of Apocalypse the X-Men Comics chronicled the teams adventures over the years. However Logan despised the comics as they often over exaggerated the events or straight up lied about them. However Laura and the other X-23 children were inspired by the comics and even used one of the locations in the books as an inspiration for their safe haven Eden.

Known users


  • Earth-10005 (1 film)
    • Logan (First appearance)

Behind the scenes

Due to Fox not owning the rights to the actual X-Men comics only the movie rights, they could not use actual comics in Logan and had to create their own. They could also not use the title "Marvel" so instead the title is called "X-Men Comics Group".


Dan Panosian, who has been an artist for an array of Marvel comics, designed 12 mock covers for the film, along with an interior story and the story itself, which appears to show Rogue tripping over a rock, was pencilled by Joe Quesada.



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