X-Men: One Man's Worth
X-Men (X-Men)3
Director: Unknown
Writer(s): Richard Mueller
Gary Greenfield
Release Date: September 9, 1995
Running Time: 40 mins
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X-Men: One Man's Worth is a TV Movie in the 90s X-Men series that serves as the season 4 premiere.


Trevor Fitzroy and Bantam are ordered by Master Mold to travel back in time to 1959 and kill Professor X. This creates an "alternate present" where a human-mutant war has caused the fall of civilization. Led by Magneto, the mutants fight an unending battle with the humans for the right to survive. Bishop and Shard arrive to the alternate present and realize that they must attempt to go back in time to prevent Professor X's assassination and save the world!

Failing to stop the assassination of Xavier, Bishop, Shard, Storm and Wolverine travel forward to the future, a future changed that's been changed by their actions. The group find Forge's time travel machine only to find that it has never been tested, and Forge has no idea who these four time travelers are. Now faced with the possibility that they won't be able to repair the damage they caused, the heroes are left with little to no hope of saving the world.