X-Men: Dark Phoenix
Director: Simon Kinberg
Writer(s): Simon Kinberg
Expected Release: November 2, 2018[1]
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X-Men: Dark Phoenix is an upcoming film sequel to X-Men: Apocalypse now begin filming and the thirteenth film in the X-Men film series.


Continuty and References to Earth-10005

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In May 2016, Kinberg said the next X-Men film will be set in the 1990s.[2] He also acknowledged the possibility of re-adapting "The Dark Phoenix Saga" for the new timeline, which had originally been a part of the first X-Men trilogy films,[3][4][5][6] and said the post-credits scene mentioning the Essex Corporation was related to Logan, and that it could have ties to Gambit as well as the following X-Men film.[7] Bryan Singer said he would be interested in having the villain Proteus in an X-Men film.[8] He also said he will be stepping away from the franchise but could envision returning to it at a later date in some capacity.[9] On November 9, 2016, Kinberg announced to The Hollywood Reporter that the film series would start a soft reboot with him working on the a new script and having Lawrence, Fassbender, Hoult and McAvoy optimistically in mind.[10] The film will commence filming in May 2017 with the working title of X-Men: Supernova.[11][12][13] In February 2017, McAvoy has dropped some hints on his return to the franchise and Collider reports that Kinberg is i talks to write and direct the next film.[14][15] Donner told Vanity Fair in a recent interview that the next film won't explore the Erik/Charles dynamic but will explore other characters.[16][17] It was announced that the film will start production from June to September of 2017.[18]


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