Worthington Labs
Appeared in X-Men: The Last Stand

Worthington Labs is the pharmaceutical company owned by Warren Worthington II, father of the mutant Angel.


X-Men: The Last Stand

The company is responsible for the creation of the cure for mutants. They required the mutant child, Leech's DNA in order to create it, and they keep him in their primary lab to help continue providing the cure. The company has many facilities around the country, but the primary laboratory is located on Alcatraz Island, where the widely known prison has been turned into, as Worthington described, a source of freedom for the mutants in need of a cure.

When Worthington announced the cure to the world, it was met with hope for desperate mutants, as well as much controversy. After the announcement, many flocks of mutants eagerly lined up to his facilities hoping to be cured, including X-Men member Rogue. But also many flocks of protesters crowded around the facilities voicing their disgust. Many were outraged and offended by the so-called "cure", and even saw it as an inevitable threat to the mutant population. In fact, it actually did not take long before the cure itself was turned into a weapon in the form of gun ammuntion, intended to "cure" enemy mutants.

The primary lab on Alcatraz was attacked by Magneto and his Brotherhood of mutants. The lab's private army attempted to fight off Magneto's attack using "cure"-loaded plastic guns. Despite the X-Men's best efforts to help protect the lab, they managed to save Leech, while the lab has been destroyed by Phoenix.

It is unknown if Worthington Labs continues to provide the cure afterwards. The primary lab on Alcatraz is destroyed, and while Worthington survives, Leech is seen enrolled in Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters, now headmastered by Storm.