Appeared in Dr. Strange
Actor Clyde Kusatsu
This article is about the Dr. Strange character. For the character from the Doctor Strange: The Sorcerer Supreme, see Wong (animated canon).

Wong is Dr. Strange's servant, assistant and friend.


Dr. Strange

Wong is Thomas Lindmer's disciple, friend and assistant, and he takes care of him with the affection of a son. When Morgan Le Fay manages to cross a breach between the dimensions and arrives on Earth, Wong searches and finds Stephen Strange for Lindmer. After the first clash between the sorcerers, then, Wong tracks down Clea Lake and informs his master of her name, address and actual location.

When Strange arrives to the Sanctum Sanctorum to look for Lindmer's help in curing Clea, Wong welcomes him and prepares him for the ritual that will bring him on the astral plane. After that, when Strange refuses to take up his responsibilities as the new Sorcerer Supreme, Wong tries to convince him to stay, but fails. Immediately after Strange leaves, the Sanctorum is attacked by Morgan, who entered disguised as a cat. Wong fights her, but he is easily overwhelmed by her power, and falls unconscious after being severly beaten.

When he finally wakes up, the battle is over, and Strange is ready to take the mantle of Guardian of Light. Wong proceeds to prepare him for the ritual that will transfer Lindmer's powers to him, and teaches him, step by step, what he's about to do. After the ritual, Wong is prepared to serve Strange as he has served Lindmer.

Character traits

Wong is a loyal disciple to the Sorcerer Supreme Lindmer, and he assisted him in the last years of his unnatural long life. He's cunning and intelligent, very cultured and expert of the ways of magic. Despite his knowledge and his capacities, Wong is not such a powerful magician as Strange or Morgan, who have a natural predisposition to it.



Behind the scenes

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