Will Castle
Will Castle
Appeared in The Punisher
Actor Marcus Johns

Will Caslte was the son of Frank Castle.


The Punisher

Not much is known about Will, save for the fact that he used to have a dog, which died sometime between Frank's leaving and homecoming during his stint as Otto Kreig. He is disappointed when he finds that Frank is moving them again, but overjoyed since because it's the last time, since Frank retired from the FBI and is moving to London for a safer job. During the family reunion Frank and Will spend more time together, snorkeling and swimming in Puerto Rico. The next morning, Will gives his father a present in the form of a skull T-Shirt which he'd been told wards off evil spirits. When Howard Saint's crew massacre the Castle Family, Frank, Maria and Will are the only ones left alive and separated with one and other. Without any hope of escaping, Will finds his grandfather's boat. However both Will and Maria get run over by Saint's crew. Frank later on uses the skull symbol on the T-Shirt given to him as both his insignia and as a way of honoring his son during his quest to take down Howard Saint.



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