Warren Worthington II (animated canon)
Warren Worthington II (Wolverine and the X-Men)
Appeared in Wolverine and the X-Men: Hindsight
Actor Jim Ward
Warren Worthington II was the head of Worthington Labs, the corporation developing the mutant "cure". He is Angel's father, and wants to rid his son of his mutation.


Wolverine and the X-Men: Hindsight

Warren Worthington II is a rich man and the father of mutant Warren Worthington III. He helped to fund an anti-mutant regime along with Senator Robert Kelly. He was embarrassed by his son's mutation and made him hide his wings. His son was a member of the X-Men under the name Angel and tricked him into rebuilding the Xavier Mansion. He was attacked by the Brotherhood of Mutants and Rogue absorbed his memories so they could attack Kelly.

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