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Rumors about Venom.


  • Actor Tyler Williams is considered a perfect fit, due to the similarities between his back story and that of Flash Thompson aka Venom Spaceknight. [1]
  • Actor Josh Emerson is a fan favorite to play Eddie Brock/Venom,
  • Chris Zylka who played Eugene Thompson in The Amazing Spider-Man is interested in his character becoming Venom in the film.[2]
  • Dane DeHaan will be appearing in the film as Harry.[3]
  • Stan Lee will make a cameo.
  • Andrew Garfield will appear as Peter Parker/Spider-Man.
  • DEBUNKED: Tobey Maguire will also make a cameo.
  • Finn Wittrock is the frontrunner for Eddie Brock/Venom.[4]
  • Alan Tudyk is rumor for Cletus Kasady/Carnage.[4]
  • WWE wrestler Sheamus is interest in playing Venom.[5]
  • Kellan Lutz wants to play Venom.[6]


  • Carnage will be the antagionst.[7]
  • The Life Foundation symbiotes (Agony, Phage, Riot, Scream, Lasher) might appear in the film as a secondary antagonist to Carnage.
  • Peter Parker/Spider-Man may or may not appear.[8]


  • The movie will be based on the Venom: Lethal Protector saga.
  • Venom will be an anti-hero.
  • DEBUNKED: Spider-Man 3 would have led up and given a nod to the Venom film at the end.
  • DEBUNKED: It is assumed the film has been cancelled due to Sony rebooting the Spider-Man franchise.
  • CONFIRMED: It will have no ties to the previous franchise and Topher Grace will not reprise the role.
  • CONFIRMED: The film might be part of the Amazing Spider-Man universe or a spinoff.
  • DEBUNKED: The producers are hoping that this could be part of the Avengers universe along with the Spider-Man franchise if they make a deal with Disney.[9]
  • DEBUNKED: From Marc Webb tweet  of photos that show the locker number 14, it is believed that Venom will debut in The Amazing Spider-Man 2 and Harry will possibly become Venom and will start the spinoff. [10]
  • Eddie Brock will not be Venom. [11]
  • The film's Venom will be based off of the Agent Venom incarnation.
  • The film will be apart of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.



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