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Director: Alex Kurtzman
Writer(s): Alex Kurtzman
Roberto Orci
Ed Solomon
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Venom is a movie now in development and will be part of The Amazing Spider-Man Universe and set before The Amazing Spider-Man 4 along with The Sinister Six.[1]


  • No confirmed cast


  • Brian Michael Bendis turned down the chance to write the movie.
  • Gary Ross was in talks with Sony Pictures to direct the film.
  • In March 2012, Chronicle director Josh Trank was negotiating with Sony about his interest in directing the spinoff film.
  • Chris Zylka has expressed hope that Venom appears in a sequel; and has his enthusiasm for the Agent Venom interpretation of the character. Zylka had stated he has his 'fingers crossed' he'll star in the spin off. [2]


  1. EXCLUSIVE: Sinister Six and Venom Movies Will Arrive Before Amazing Spider-Man 4

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