Hogun, a Vanir, on his home world of Vanaheim

The Vanir are a god-like race that inhabit the Realm of Vanaheim. They are a sister race to the Asgardians and are physiologically similar to them. 



While not specified, Hogun the Grim is introduced as one of the Warriors Three. Vanaheim, the home world of the Vanir, is later mentioned by Thor to Jane while explaining the Nine Realms

Thor: The Dark World

The last battle to secure the safety and peace throughout the Nine Realms happens on Vanaheim. The Vanir are shown fleeing the destruction. After the battle, the Asgardian warriors depart back to their home world of Asgard. Thor allows Hogun to stay on Vanaheim with his people. 

Physiology and Culture

The Vanir resemble humans of Asian decent, while their sister race the Asgardians resemble humans of Caucasian and African decent. Their body tissues are three times as dense as those of humans, which contributes to their superhuman strength and durability. They heal quickly and can recover from fatal injuries. Their life span is unknown, but its assumed to be similar or equal to that of Asgardians, approximately five thousand years. Their blood is red, like humans and Asgardians. While they can be wounded by Earthly metals, they cannot be wounded by human-level strength or even human-made projectile weapons. 

The Vanir culture is shown to be less glamorous than the Asgardians'. They do not seem to be as technologically advanced as Asgardians or even as humans. They live is tents that resemble domed yurts in densely wooded areas on their Realm. There are several structures through out their Realm, columns and large circular monuments, that seem to have some cultural significance. They seem to be peaceful but proud race, with strong ties with Asgard. A member of their race, Hogun, travels with Asgardian companions and is a citizen of Asgard. In Norse mythology, the Vanir are known to be more identified with knowledge and magic, while the Asgardians were known to be more aggressive and warrior-like. 

Powers and Abilities

The Vanir are physically superior to humans and equal to Asgardians.

  • Super Density: Their molecular structure is denser than humans. This contributes to super strength, speed, durability, reflexes, etc.
  • Accelerated Healing: Although they are resistant to injury, when injured the Vanir can heal remarkably fast.
  • Longevity: It is unknown exactly how long Vanir typically live, but it is shown that Hogun has adventured with the Warriors Three, Sif. Thor and Loki throughout the millennia. The average life span should be around five thousand years, like the Asgardians.

Notable Vanir