When The Avengers loses popularity, (whenever that will be) what do you think Marvel Studios, Disney, and Paramount should do? Personally, I think they should have a Daredevil reboot in the final Phase, then start making more films starting with a Daredevil reboot sequel, then a Blade reboot, then a Punisher reboot then a Blade reboot sequel, then a Ghost Rider reboot. They don't exactly have to have a team, but they could have a shared universe, and sort of start another Marvel Cinematic Universe, with a darker tone. that list of movies could be Phase One, and Phase Two could introduce Elektra, then have a Ghost Rider sequel, then a Punisher sequel, then a Blade sequel, then a Daredevil threequel. Eventually it would get boring with the same characters, so'd they'd have to introduce some new ones, Let me know who you think they should introduce in the comments below.

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