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Favorite Quotes Part 2

Yetti01 December 7, 2013 User blog:Yetti01

I just realized its been over a year since I created my first blog post on this wiki!  So, in a 5 months late celebration, I've created a part 2 to it! Like my first part feel free to put your favorite quotes in the comments.

Oh yeah. There's one other person you've pissed off. His name was Phil! - Tony Stark/Iron Man, The Avengers

Your brother isn't here, is he? I'm afraid Loki was killed defending me. Oh thank God! Uh.. I mean I'm so sorry for your loss. - Erik Selvig and Thor, Thor: The Dark World

Welcome to Level 7 - Phil Coulson, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D

You're going right through that fuckin' window! - James Howlett/Wolverine, The Wolverine

Sir I'm gonna have to ask you to exit the donut. - Nick Fury, Iron Man 2

What kind of monster are you? I'm the Wolverine! - Shingen Yashida and James Howlett/Wolverine, The Wolverine

I'm a Spirit of Vengance. - Johnny Blaze/Ghost Rider, Ghost Rider

Why are you so late? Traffic jam. By traffic jam do you mean getting shot at by a machine gun in the middle of the street? Yeah. Thats what I meant. - Gwen Stacy and Peter Parker/Spider-Man, The Amazing Spider-Man 2

I'm sorry Wade I think you've confused me with someone who gives a shit. - Victor Creed/Sabretooth, X-Men Origins: Wolverine

What about Peter? Not everyone has a happy ending. - Harry Osborn/Green Goblin and Norman Osborn, The Amazing Spider-Man 2

But he's of Asgard and my brother. He killed 80 people in two days. He's adopted. - Thor and Nick Fury, The Avengers

I don't want your suffering. I don't want your future! - Charles Xavier/Proffesor X, X-Men: Days of Future Past

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