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September 10, 2013

    Vin Dissel said that not only he will voice grooth in Guardians of the galaxy , but also he will play another character in  a future marvel film , so who is that character ? well i can imagine him playing the vision , after all he also want to play that character and i think he would be a great vision , but lets also dont forget there are other marvel movies in progress annd there is a rumor of the rebbot of a Daredevil movie , and i think he would be a great Bullseye , but either way its more possible that he plays the vision in Ant-man or even in Avengers 3.

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    Ok , another thing about the movie of Ant-Man  we dont know yet is who is going to be the villain of  the movie , but its difficult to choose a vilillain cause of two factors  :  1- Ant-Man doesnt have a lot of knwon villians and 2- Its difficult to incorporte a villian to some films , so the firts villian that would be a great antagonist for the movie is ultron who was created by hank pym , but because ultron is going to be the main villains in avengers 2 , now we have a little options , most people think that Egghead is going to be the villain , cuase he is the archenemesis of Ant-Man but i dont think Egghead should be the main villain i actually think that there are going to be two villians in the movie , one yeah one of them can be Egg…

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    Who should play Ant-MAn

    September 11, 2013 by PymDMSIII

    Ok we all know that there is going to 

    be an Ant-Man movie directed by Edgar Wright and it will hit theaters in july 31 of 2015 , but there are thing that we dont know yet , one of them who is going to be the actor that will be Ant-Man/ Hank Pym and yeah i know that it isnt even confirmed if the story will feature Hank Pym or Scott Lang as Ant-Man , well ok most people think that Simon Pegg is going to be playing the role , cause of his history with Wright and cause he posted some pictures of him pointing at an Ant-Man picture , but i think that the one who shuold play Ant-Man needs not only to be a  great actor but also  to be physically resemble the caracter he is playing , in the comics Ant-Man is seen as a scientist with good shape and …

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