I'm very excited to see the film The Avengers. There are just some things I would like to see in the film.

1. Loki's Army

In some of the comercials for The Avengers you can see that there are some creatures that look like they are destroying the world. These are all being controlled by Loki. Some people on different web sites say that they could be aliens that where in the comic books. I think they could be aliens like the Skrulls or Baluurians.

2. Cosmic Cube

I think that Loki should be fighting the Avengers in order the steal the Cosmic Cube. I would think Loki would want it so he would have infinite power.

3. Iron Man's Armors

I think that Iron Man should make some more armors. The main one I think he sould make is his Stealth Armor Suit.

4. Post-credits

In the scene after the credits (which most Marvel Cinematic Universe films have) I would love to see them introduce some characters like Luke Cage, Black Panther, Doctor Strange, Ant-Man, Wasp, etc.

Your Ideas

So what do you think would be good for the movie? Tell me in the comments.

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