Other than the original cast, these are the following that need to be in the Avengers 2:

1. Wolverine (I know that will be impossible but hey, one can dream).

2. Spider-Man (It could happen, you never know. We'll see when The Amazing Spider-Man comes out in July).

Other than that:

1. Vision (Phil Coulson, definitely)

2. Henry Pym a.k.a. Ant-/Giant-Man

3. Janet van Dyne a.k.a. Wasp

4. Ms. Marvel (she definitely needs to she will defnitely help round it out).

5. War Machine

6. Anybody's guess

(1) Namor

(2) Dr. Strange

(3) Wonder Man

(4) Tigra

(5) Black Panther

(6) Luke Cage

(7) Iron Fist

(8) She-Hulk

(9) Hercules

(10) Captain Marvel

Honorable Mentions

  • Nova
  • Bucky/Winter Soldier
  • Blue Marvel

This is my idea for the Avengers 2 in terms of heroes. As far as villains, take your pick; Thanos, Loki (For round 2), the Leader, the Abomination, Red Skull, HYDRA, like I said take your pick.

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