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    What I think should happen to the upcoming movies:

    Iron Man 3: The villain in this movie should be either Mandarin or Titanium Man (Boris Bullski). A plotline for Mandarin could be a discovery of a Makluan Ring, where Iron Man and War Machine (possibly) are alerted by an unknown presence, as well as looking for the rings, which could provide a plot for an Iron Man 4 or a 5. With Titanium Man, it could be that Russia wants to prove their superiority by inducting Boris Bullski to wear the Titanium Man armor. Possible characters in this could be Bruce Banner, due to him being with Tony Stark in the end of the Avengers movie. War Machine is a possible as well.

    Captain America 2: Possible villains in this movie could be Crossbones, Baron Zemo or …

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