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    Well, the critics have seen Amazing Spider-Man--and what did they think of it? Was it an original, action-packed roller coaster of emotion and adrenaline, or was it yet another, less interesting version of the other countless superhero movies that have come out recently? Let's let the critics decide!

    Score: 4/5 Stars

    "It's the successful synthesis of the two – action and emotion – that means this Spider-Man is as enjoyable as it is impressive: Webb's control of mood and texture is near faultless as his film switches from teenage sulks to exhilarating airborne pyrotechnics."

    Score: 8/10"

    "Webb mounts a striking production that looks downright stunning in the Imax 3-D version, but his key contribution comes in the casting. He picked Garfield for …

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    Men in Black III is coming soon, and along with Will Smith, who we're all used to, we're going to see Josh Grobin portraying a younger Agent K. They could not have possibly done better with that casting, am I right?

    In Men in Black III, Agent J has to travel back in time to 1969 (hence the interactions with the younger Agent K). The retro aspect of the film makes way for a different style of aliens--these aliens have a vintage feel to them, like the kind of aliens you might see in early science fiction movies.

    Whaat are your impressions of these aliens? Do you like the colorful, psychadellic vibe or not? Comment below and let us know!

    Source: Entertainment Weekly

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