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  • Lego-dark-knight0518

    I was on the Marvel wiki when I found out that Robocop was owned by Marvel. Not knowing anything about Robocop, seeing the trailer for it, and realizing that he is owned by Marvel Comics got me thinking:

    Should we make pages for Robocop?

    Pages for the old movie, new movie, and characters?

    I also noticed that they don't have pages for the characters either, just the comics. So, should make pages for Robocop?

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  • Lego-dark-knight0518

    I was on the page Fantastic Four (2015), and had a thought that we (or I) should make pages for Reed Richards, Susan Storm, Johnny Storm, and Ben Grimm for the Trank Series. This was just a thought that I had to get out, because seriously. I don't think the old Fantastic Four will be in the new Fantastic Four.

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  • Lego-dark-knight0518

    Lee Pace

    May 27, 2013 by Lego-dark-knight0518

    I went on IMDB a while back and saw that Lee Pace was Basil Sandhurst/The Controller for the upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy film. I was also on Ophelia Lovibond's, but where it said Guardians of the Galaxy, she wasn't listed as 'The Collector's Aide', or anything at all. Where is the source for her being cast as that? Or is IMDB not a reliable source? Also, if it is reliable, should we change Lee Pace from To-Be-Confirmed Villian to Basil Sandhurst/The Controller?

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