Listen guys, I know how hard it is when Kevin Feige isn't sure about crossovers between The Amazing Spider-Man, X-Men and Avengers due to their own rights, but I wish it would all happen, I heard on that Wolverine 3 comes out in 2016, i say it should be the July 2016 release date, make it a crossover with the Hulk, and the Wendigos from the video game version of X-Men Origins: Wolverine, and Kirsten Stewart is my choice for X-23, and that way it may lead to The Incredible Hulk sequel, and what if The Amazing Spider-Man 4 (the last one) had Captain America or Nick Fury in it? And if X-Men: Beyond Evolution was coming out, and after the mid-season finale, who wants a crossover with Teen Titans (2003), Robin and Cyclops have a lot in common, Starfire and Shadowcat have a lot in common, Beast Boy and Nightcrawler have a lot in common, Raven and Rogue have a lot in common, Cyborg and Spyke have a lot in common, and instead of Slade, what if it took place the JLU series finale? What if Darkseid and Luthor escaped with the Dark Phoenix, Brainiac is back? Darkseid has his anti-life equation powers? Luthor works with Brainiac again? I hope someday, if Sony gives up rights of The Amazing Spider-Man to Marvel/Disney, they'll might bring out the New Avengers in Avengers 3: The Final Act, where they battle Thanos

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