Warning: Contains spoilers, if this plot summary is true

Of course I haven't seen it yet but I couldn't resist checking the summaries for it on wikipedia and Marvel Cinematic Universe Wiki. Either this film was released early some places, or someone decided it would be funny to vandalize with a false summary.

Well, from what I read there's not really much to cover here so I'll just address some key points, if this is true:

EDIT: Seen it now.

This article or section contains details about a film that either hasn't been released worldwide yet or has only recently been released.
Read on only if you don't mind reading spoilers for the film.

1.) Thor's survival. Well, I guess his confirmation for Avengers: Age of Ultron serves as indication. It's good we didn't lose an Avenger, but Age of Ultron will be done by Joss Whedon, and he's less merciful to heroes, but I think he'll go after Nick Fury first, being Samuel L. Jackson and all.

EDIT: Joss Whedon says he's killing everyone at the end of Avengers 3, possible exception of ultimate antagonist Thanos.

2.) Frigga and other Asgardians are killed, proving they are not immortal as many believe they are.

3.) Malekith's death. From the summaries I can't tell whether it's Thor or Selvig who teleports the ship on top of him. Although I was expecting something of a light show or explosion like the previous villains to get the axe, crushed to death is still pretty cool and hasn't been done to a main villain in the series yet. I'm satisfied with that because I was hoping they'd keep up the tradition that so far only hasn't been followed with Abomination (who atleast is imprisoned), Loki, and Thanos.

EDIT: Selvig teleports it on top of him. The whole fight scene with him was cool, the red darkness of Aether providing an interesting background for the fight, and his death scene itself reminded me of Alec from GoldenEye.

4.) Speaking of Loki, so he usurps the throne from Odin, and is left off there? He seemingly sacrifices himself to stop Malekith, but returns to his evil ways from the sound of it. What happened to Odin? Did Loki kill him? Are we going to have to wait for Age of Ultron to see where Loki ends up? How many times do we have to deal with Loki? I still haven't forgiven him for killing Coulson, but if he had died in that "Heroic Sacrifice" I would have. I was hoping for a.) Reimprisonment, b.) Total redemption, or c.) Death. Or d.) Capture by Thanos, which I'll put in my headcanon does happen until Loki returns, if ever. Remember The Other's warning...

EDIT: I guess from what I can tell, Loki (disguised as the warrior who informs Odin of Loki's "death") kills Odin and takes the throne. Which probably won't be a big tragedy for Asgard (except Odin himself) if he's going to pretend to be Odin since he can't act like a tyrant or he'll arouse suspicion, but everything he did seems to lead to him faking his death to usurp the throne. I guess he'll be left there now that Thor is on Earth, so it's anyone's guess as to what happens from there. I've said above what I'll go with.

5.) I guess Malekith isn't The Other, despite the similarity in appearance

6.) No Thanos or The Other. I was hoping for at least one of them in a postcredits scene. Sigh...


7.) Favorite part was probably Loki turning into Captain America that one time.

8.) Algrim had a pretty spectacular death scene, cool reversal giving the light show death to the minion and the death not involving a light show to the main villain while still making it every bit as cool as the others

9.) I loved the fight between Thor and Malekith, even before the final part of the battle they keep falling through the dimensional portals

I just hope Captain America: The Winter Soldier will be as good as Thor: The Dark World and Iron Man 3, still waiting for Guardians of the Galaxy even though Thanos is 99% sure to survive, and if he does, 100% sure to survive Avengers 3 if he even appears in it

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