I've been doing nothing but annoying every other user here by spamming this wiki with comments about Thanos beating the Avengers, Ronan being The Other, Ronan killing The Other, or Thanos killing Nebula. This was not my intention, I just have a different set of interests than everyone else and forget this isn't that one wiki where everyone is willing to listen to each other's opinions even if they disagree.

So, I'd better get out of here before Doomlurker forces me to leave, as I heard he's close to banning me. I haven't made many enemies on X-Men Movies Wiki and Marvel Cinematic Universe Wiki so I can go there if I absolutely need to make comments or ask questions.

If you've noticed, I removed most of my comments about Thanos, Ronan, The Other, or Loki. Just say the word and I'll remove the Riptide ones too

For a moment, I returned, but after more "annoying speculation" I feel compelled to leave again. This time I put the Delete template on almost all of my blogs and comments so it will be like I was never here.

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