Okay, so, this is just an idea.  Oh, and this blog contains spoilers, so read at your own risk.  Did Dr. Kafka in The Amazing Spider-Man 2 remind anyone else of Otto Octavius?  Okay, so, I know Kafka is in the comics (Kafka is a woman in the comics), but do you think they are going to do some plot twist with him?  Kafka was evil and experimented on people, had a similar accent to Otto Octavius (Octavius is German and Marton Csokas, Kafka's actor, is Hungarian but from New Zealand, German and Hungarian accents sound very similar), and overall he had the same personality as Octavius.  Okay, I know that Kafka died, but what if they resurrect him in The Amazing Spider-Man 3 and he becomes Doc Ock?  Like, they resurrect him as a cyborg, and his tentacles are bonded to him. 

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