The end of Asgard is coming

Thor and his brothers:Ull, Frey, Njord, Tyr, Vali, Vidar, Hermod, and Hod must team up

The Final Battle is Here


Loki tricks his blind brother Hod into killing Balder, the sun god, and the last source of light in these dark times.

Balder's death leads to the end. Loki, the trolls, the ice giants, the ghosts, the dark elves, and the fire demons, and the witch enchantress along with the 2 beasts of destruction: Fenris and Scorpio. The Fights are

Bragi vs. a 6 headed troll

Ull and Skade vs. a frost lord

Frey, Fandral, and Njord vs. Surtur the Fire demon

Heimdall vs. Loki

Thor vs. Scorpio

Volstagg and Odin vs. Fenris

Hoenir and Lodur vs. Kurse

Tyr vs. Executioner

Hod vs. Hela the ogress

Vali and Vidar vs. the ghosts

Hermod vs. Enchantress

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