• CivilianHero

    OK , so we all know there is going to be a sequel to the Ant Man movie , scheduled for 2018, First of all I want to say that Ant MAn is my favorite hero since I was  a Little Kid , so yeah I am a big fan of him and of course I love his movie(Its not my favorite MCU but it is my top 5) , so here are some of my ideas (this is not official , just theories) of who could be the villain for the Ant an & The Wasp movie (BTW they are ranked from most probably to be true to the  less):

    1.Eric O'GArdy : In the comics Eric O'Gardy is the third person to become Ant-Man , he is a SHIELD agent that steals the Ant-MAn suit from the ship he is working on, now in the movie Eric O'Gardy can be some type of criminal that steals a new type of suittechnology th…

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