Triple H

Triple H

Triple H portrayed Jarko Grimwood in Blade: Trinity.

Significant roles

  • Wrestler in Relative Strangers (2006)
  • Arlo Jayne in Inside Out (2011)
  • Ray Bradstone in The Chaperone (2011)


  • "You will look into my eyes and you will know I am The Game and that I am that damn good!"
  • "Why don't you make a contribution right now to my sanity, and do the one thing you never seem to be able to do... Shut up!"
  • "I'm going to give you a shot at this. Let's see what you've got, punk! I'll bring the belt, you bring the balls, if you got any."
  • "The sign says keep off my grass, but don't be afraid to stop by and whack the weed."
  • "I want to thank every employee of the Federation at every level, every position. Without them I wouldn't be able to live my dream."

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