Thornton (Hulk vs. Wolverine)
Appeared in Hulk vs. Wolverine
Status Presumed Deceased
Actor Tom Kane

Thorton is the professor who grafted adamantium onto Wolverine's skeleton.


Hulk vs. Wolverine

He was known for kidnapping and experimenting mutants to create an army of super-powered mutants under his control.

He also founded Team X composed of brainwashed or willing mutants to search and capture targeted mutants for research and control.

He also headed the adamantium metal on recently captured Wolverine that augment his powers and healing factor. Professor also took his DNA for cloning of X-23s. The Professor tried to reprogram him,but he escaped and cut off his right hand.

Attached with the mechanical arm,he still leads the Weapon X program after Wolverine's and other mutants' escape.

He directed the Team X to capture the Hulk.but the Weapon X team failed to take him down for weeks now. Until Wolverine showed up,he and the Hulk were captured by Professor's team and taken into his facility.

Inside there,the Professor intends to reprogram him again to be part of Team X including the Hulk. As he enters the reprogramming chamber,he had an argument with Lady Deathstrike about killing Wolverine until got severely wounded by Sabertooth,who wanted to kill his little brother too.

When Hulk destroyed the Weapon X facility,it is unknown if the Professor survived the explosion.

Appearances/Voice Actors

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