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Rumors about Thor: Ragnarok.

This article or section contains details about a film that either hasn't been released worldwide yet or has only recently been released.
Read on only if you don't mind reading spoilers for the film.



  • The Enchantress will appear as a love interest for Loki.[10]
  • Balder will appear, and take the throne after Loki's ousting.
  • Surtur will be the main antagonist. 
  • Odin will not return, as Anthony Hopkins revealed that Loki had killed him, but Hopkins can still appear as a cameo to show scene when Loki is killing Odin[11]
  • Despite this, and claiming to be done with the role., Anthony Hopkins is still contracted for one more picture. It is possible that Thor may venture to reclaim Odin's soul from Hela.
  • Beta Ray Bill will appear and will a partner of Thor to defeat Surtur.
  • Surtur, The Enchantress and The Excutioner will be the film's villains.[12]
  • Someone from Guardians of the Galaxy can appear.
  • New Infinity Stone will be introduced.
  • Sigyn, Loki's wife will appear in the film.


  • Ragnarok will be the storyline.[13][14]
  • The Tree of Yggdrasil will be the start of Ragnarok.[15]
  • Loki may cause Ragnarok by disturbing Surtur the fire demon, and frame Thor by lying to Asgardians to think that Thor had killed Odin because of what happened to Frigga.[16]
  • Thor may pass of the mantle as the God of Thunder to Sif, while he and Jane Foster become king and queen of Asgard.[17]
  • The female Thor from the comics will replace Thor Odinson at the end of this movie.
  • The storyline is not Ragnarok the character (the clone of Thor), but the Ragnarok storyline featuring Surtur.



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