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Rumors about Thor 3.

This article or section contains details about a film that either hasn't been released worldwide yet or has only recently been released.
Read on only if you don't mind reading spoilers for the film.



  • The Enchantress will appear as a love interest for Loki.[3]
  • Balder will appear.
  • Surtur will be the main antagonist. He and the flame giants of Muspelheim will rise to destroy Asgard, forcing Thor to return.
  • Odin will not return, as Anthony Hopkins revealed that Loki had killed him, but Hopkins can still appear as a cameo to show scene when Loki is killing Odin[4]
  • Beta Ray Bill will appear and will a partner of Thor to defeat Surtur.
  • Surtur, The Enchantress and The Excutioner will be the film's villains.[5]
  • Someone from Guardians of the Galaxy can appear.
  • New Infinity Stone will be introduced.


  • Ragnarok will be the storyline.[6][7]
  • The Tree of Yggdrasil will be the start of Ragnarok.[8]
  • Loki may cause Ragnarok by disturbing Surtur the fire demon, and frame Thor by lying to Asgardians to think that Thor had killed Odin because of what happened to Frigga.[9]
  • Thor may pass of the mantle as the God of Thunder to Sif, while he and Jane Foster become king and queen of Asgard.[10]


  • The release date could be May 5, 2017.[11][12]
  • The film could be part of Phase 3.[13]
  • The title will be, "Thor: Ragnarök".[14]


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