Thor HV
Appeared in Thor: Tales of Asgard
Hulk vs. Thor
Status Alive
Actor Matthew Wolf
Thor is the son of Odin and a founding member of the Avengers.


Thor: Tales of Asgard

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Hulk vs. Thor

When the Hulk (under control of Loki) rampages through the lands of Asgard, Thor is the only one capable of stopping the creature from destroying the sacred realm. Thor and Hulk battle through Asgard leaving destruction behind their path, and Thor has a difficult time dealing with Hulk's power. But as Hulk tries to lift the Mjölnir, Thor launches a thunder that strikes the Hulk. The thunder just severed Loki's control over Hulk, leaving the Hulk on it's own. Thor is easily defeated by the Hulk, and almost killed by the latter if Enchantress wouldn't have appear at time to heal Thor. Thor then follows the Hulk into the "hell" of Asgard, where he confronts the Hulk and Loki. Thor helps Bruce to become along with the Hulk as one single being again, and win the battle against Loki. He, Odin and the other asgardians than hail the mighty mortal that fought not only for himself but to defend a land that was not his, Bruce Banner.

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Behind the scenes

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Appearances/Voice Actors

  • Yost series (2 films)


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