The Wolverine is the soundtrack of the 2013 film of the same name composed by Marco Beltrami released on July 23, 2013 by Sony Classical.

Track list

  1. A Walk in the Woods
  2. Threnody for Nagasaki
  3. Euthanasia
  4. Logan's Run
  5. The Offer
  6. Arriving at the Temple
  7. Funeral Fight
  8. Two Handed
  9. Bullet Train
  10. The Snare
  11. Abduction
  12. Trusting
  13. Ninja Quiet
  14. Kantana Surgery
  15. The Wolverine
  16. The Hidden Fortress
  17. Silver Samurai
  18. Sword of Vengence
  19. Dreams
  20. Goodbye Mariko
  21. Where to?
  22. Whole Step Haiku

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