The Recruiter
Alias(es) The Recruiter
Agent Smith
Appeared in Deadpool
Status Deceased
Actor Jed Rees

Jared Smith aka The Recruiter was a man working for Ajax's Workshop program to recruit people. He convinced Wade Wilson to be a test subject, promising him a cure for his cancer.



The Recruiter met Wade in Jack Hammer's bar, after he had been diagnosed with cancer. He tried convincing Wade to join The Workshop, promising him a cure. Wade declined. However, later that night, he changed his mind and went to see The Recruiter. Wade joined the organization.

Later, when Wade was Deadpool and hunting down the Workshop members, he killed The Recruiter after he told him where Ajax was.   

Character traits

He appears to be highly manipulative, claiming that the Workshop can cure anybody and make them super heroes. However, he does show a cowardly side, willing to give up his bosses location almost immediately.



  • Canon (1 film)

Behind the scenes

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