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The Punisher - The Album is a collection of pop tracks released April 16, 2004 on the Wind-Up label as merchandise for The Punisher.

Track List

  1. "Step Up" -- Drowning Pool
  2. "Bleed" -- Puddle of Mudd
  3. "Slow Motion" -- Nickelback
  4. "Never Say Never" -- Queens of the Stone Age
  5. "Broken" -- Seether feat. Amy Lee
  6. "Finding Myself" -- Smile Empty Soul
  7. "Lost in a Portrait" -- Trapt
  8. "Still Running" -- Chevelle
  9. "Ashes" -- Damageplan feat. Jerry Cantrell
  10. "Sold Me" -- Seether
  11. "Eyes Wired Shut" -- Edgewater
  12. "Slow Chemical" -- Finger Eleven
  13. "The End Has Come" -- Ben Moody feat. Jason Miller & Jason Gong Jones
  14. "Piece by Piece" -- Strata
  15. "Bound to Violence" -- Hatebreed
  16. "Sick" -- Seven Wiser
  17. "Complicated" -- Submersed
  18. "Time for People" -- Atomship
  19. "In Time" -- Mark Collie

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