The score to The Punisher was released June 15, 2004 on La-La Land Records. The music was composed by Carlo Siliotto.

Track list

  1. The Punisher
  2. Otto Krieg
  3. Unusual Resurrection
  4. Moving
  5. I Can't Believe I'm Home
  6. His Whole Family
  7. The Massacre
  8. Death and Resurrection of Frank Castle
  9. God's Gonna Sit This One Out
  10. Ice Lolly and Meat
  11. You're Gonna Help Me
  12. Entering the Fort
  13. About Your Family/Setting a Trap
  14. A Bomb for John Saint
  15. Good Memories Can Save Your Life
  16. The Thugs
  17. The Torture
  18. Elevator and Headache
  19. A New Family/Joan's Suffering
  20. Quentin Glass' Home
  21. Killing a Best Friend
  22. You Don't Undrestand... End of the Dark Lady
  23. She Took the Train/Punishment
  24. The Arrow
  25. Both of Them
  26. The Skull
  27. Castle's Loneliness
  28. Call Me "The Punisher"
  29. Jealous One performed by J. C. Loader
  30. La Donna E' Mobile from "Rigoletto" performed by Peter Dvorsky

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