The Nameless One
Nameless One
Appeared in Dr. Strange
Actor David Hooks

The Nameless One is a powerful demon.


Dr. Strange

The Nameless One is a powerful demon, exiled in the Dark Dimension and unable to leave it. In order to operate on other worlds, he uses servants, who are able to cross the small breaches that opened every century. His servant who can travel to Earth is Morgan Le Fay.

After Morgan's first defeat, the Nameless One gives his servant another opportunity to defeat Thomas Lindmer, the Sorcerer Supreme, before he can pass his knowledge to someone else. He accord her three days to kill Lindmer and to prevent him to teach anything to his destined successor, FStephen Strange. When Morgan fails thrice to kill Strange, the Nameless One understands that she failed on purpose, since she's attracted to her enemy; after this discovery, the demon threatens Morgan to torture her for eternity if she fails him once again.

When Morgan is ultimately defeated by Dr. Strange, the Nameless One keeps his promise, and he steals the witch's beauty and youth, forcing her to stay an old woman for eternity. Somehow, anyway, it seems that Morgan has convinced her master to give her another opportunity, since she comes back on Earth, young and beautiful as always.

Character traits

The Nameless One is a very powerful entity, who rules over the Dark Dimension. He possesses vast magic powers, which grant him the total control over his dimension and over his servants. He's ruthless and extremely cruel, seeking destruction for every world he conquers. He can be considered the incarnation of evil itself.



Behind the scenes

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  • The Nameless One shares some similarity, in character and appearance, with one of the historical nemesis of Dr. Strange, the demon Dormammu.


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