The Jeweler
Appeared in The Fantastic Four
Actor Ian Trigger

The Jeweler appeared in The Fantastic Four played by Ian Trigger.


The Fantastic Four

The Jeweler is a master thief living in New York's sewers with his gang, composed by any kind of outsiders who consider him as a king. Deeply in love with the blind artist Alicia Masters, the Jeweler decides to make her his queen, but wants to find a proper gift first. The occasion arrives with Dr. Richards' mission: the scientist is infact using a giant diamond for his experiment, a diamond that the Jeweler decides to give Alicia.

Using his skills as a thief, the Jeweler has no problems with infiltrating the Baxter Building and stealing the diamond, thus unwittingly sabotaging Richards' experiment and indirectly giving birth to the Fantastic Four. With the diamond, the Jeweler is free to have Alicia as his queen, and has her kidnapped by his men. Alicia, brought to the sewers, refuses him as her husband, not being the outsider the Jeweler believed she was. However, the thief doesn't surrender and dresses her like a bride in a final attempt to gain her affections. During the "marriage", Dr. Doom attacks the Jewler's lair, accompanied by an army of his private guards. The Jewler believes Doom is in his base for Alicia and intendsto kill her, but Doom just wants the diamond. Quickly disposing of the underground thieves, Doom leaves, and the Jewler, left alone, is forced to flee.

Character Traits

The Jeweler is a skilled thief, displaying unusual agility and athletic skills for a man his size. He's ugly and apparently weak, but has great charisma, enough to make his men view him as a king.

He deeply loves Alicia Masters, even if she doesn't even know he exists, and he's mysteriously sure that she's an outsider just like he is.



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  • The Jewler shares many traits in common with a major villain in The Fantastic Four comics, the Mole Man: both of them have a hideous appearance, small stature, and an army of followers who adore them and live in the sewers.

Behind the scenes

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