The fast-food chain Burger King offered The Incredible Hulk toys with its Kids Meal, beginning on June 9th, 2008. Each meal contained one of 6 toys:

  • Hulk-Out: full motion lenticular of Bruce Banner changing into the Hulk. Twist Betty Ross to activate the lenticular. Betty is removable.
  • Power Flex Hulk: Push button on Hulk's back to activate. Hulk's arms spring up while his abdominal muscles become defined. Features soft PVC abdominal skin.
  • Spike Up Abomination: Push down on Abomination's head to spring up his spikes.
  • Mirror Morph Hulk: See image of self in mirror. Pull clip to transform your image into the Hulk.
  • Dumpster Toss Abomination: Rotate Abomination's arms up and place dumpster in his hands. Push the button on his back to launch the dumpster.
  • Hulk Smash: Tap the Hulk on a table to hear a slamming "echo" sound.

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