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Minor Cast

  • Greg Bryk: Commando #1
  • Chris Owens: Delta Force Commando #2
  • Al Vrkljan: Commando #3
  • Adrian Hein: Commando #4
  • John MacDonald: Commando #5
  • Shaun McComb: Helicopter Soldier
  • Simon Wong: Grad Student
  • Pedro Salvín: Tough Guy Leader
  • Julio Ceasar Torres Dantas: Tough Guy #1
  • Raimundo Camargo Nascimento: Tough Guy #2
  • Nick Alachiotis: Tough Guy #3
  • Paul Soles: Stanley
  • Débora Nascimento: Martina
  • Jason Burke: Communications Officer
  • Grant Nickalls: Helicopter Pilot
  • Joris Jarsky: Soldier #1
  • Arnold Pinnock: Soldier #2
  • Tig Fong: Cop #1
  • Jason Hunter: Cop #2
  • Maxwell McCabe-Lokos: Cab Driver
  • David Collins: Medical Technician
  • John Carvalho: Plant Manager
  • Robin Wilcock: Sniper
  • Imali Perera: Female Faculty Member
  • Wayne Robson: Boat Captain
  • Billy Parrott: Security Guard
  • Javier Lambert: Guatemalan Trucker
  • Martin Starr: Computer Nerd
  • Chris Ratz: Young Guy
  • Fabio Dorea: Brazilian Liaison Officer
  • Todd Hofley: Apache Helicopter Pilot
  • Joe La Loggia: Soldier #1
  • Tamsen McDonough: Colleague
  • Jim Annan: Intelligence Officer
  • Michael Kenneth Williams: Harlem Bystander
  • Roberto Bakker: Market Vendor
  • Ruru Sacha: Supply Driver
  • James Downing: Army Base Doctor
  • Rickson Gracie: Aikido Instructor
  • Stephen Gartner: Ross' Soldier
  • Nicholas Rose: McGee
  • Genelle Williams: Terrified Gal
  • P.J. Kerr: Wilson
  • Jee-Yun Lee: Reporter
  • Desmond Campbell: Gunner
  • DeShaun Clarke: Little Boy
  • Tony Nappo: Brave Cop
  • Russell Yuen: FBI Agent
  • Aaron Berg: Soldier #2
  • David Miller: Soldier #3
  • Tre Smith: Soldier #4
  • Moses Nyarko: Soldier #5
  • Carlos A. González: BOPE Officer #1
  • Anderson Paz: BOPE Officer #2
  • Yan Regis: Medic Soldier
  • Stephen Broussard: Handsome Soldier
  • Robert Morse: Command Van Soldier
  • Matt Purdy: Ross' Aide
  • Lenka Matuska: Female Medical Assistant
  • Scott Magee: Humvee Driver
  • Wes Berger: Sterns Lab Soldier
  • Avi Phillips: Student in Lab
  • Carla Nascimento: Large Woman
  • Krista Vendy: Female Bartender
  • Mila Stromboni: Hopscotch Girl


Executive Producers

Avi Arad
Stan Lee
David Maisel
Michael J. Malone
Jim Van Wyck


Avi Arad
Kevin Feige
Gale Anne Hurd

Associate Producer: Stephen Broussard

Directed by: Louis Leterrier

Original Music by: Craig Armstrong

Director of Photography: Peter Menzies Jr.

Film Editing by

Rick Shaine
John Wright

Casting by:

Robin D. Cook
Laray Mayfield

Production Design by: Kirk M. Petruccelli Art Direction by:

Page Buckner
Daniel T. Dorrance
Andrew M. Stearn

Set Decoration by: Carolyn 'Cal' Loucks Costume Design by: Renée Bravener

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