The Incredible Hulk Returns
The Incredible Hulk Returns
Director: Nicholas Corea
Bill Bixby
Writer(s): Nicholas Corea
Release Date: May 22, 1988
Running Time: 100 min
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The Incredible Hulk Returns is a first of three made for tv movie starring Bill Bixby and Lou Ferrigno returned to their roles as David Banner and The Hulk.


Two years after he walked off into the sunset in the episode "A Minor Problem", we find that Dr. David Banner has been gainfully employed at the Joshua-Lambert Research Institute (as David Bannion) where he and a team of scientists are putting the final touches on a Gamma Transponder. It has been two years since his last transformation into the creature and Banner is now happily involved in a relationship with a young widow. Banner hopes to put all worries about the risk of transforming into the Hulk to rest by using the Gamma Transponder to reverse the effects of gamma radiation on himself. Unfortunately, things don't go according to plan. David is surprised by the arrival of Dr. Donald Blake, a former student of his. Blake explains that he now shares a mystical bond with Thor, the God of Thunder of Norse mythology. Blake calls upon Thor to appear in order to prove the validity of his story. The Viking God causes David to transform and a battle between Hulk and Thor leaves David's lab severely damaged.

With his experiment now set back, David and his transponder become the target of a crime organization within the ranks of the Joshua-Lambert Institute.


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