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Rumors about The Incredible Hulk 2.


  • Leonard Samson will have super powers.
  • Samuel Sterns will become The Leader.
  • Nick Fury will be shown after the credits.
  • The Leader will be the main antagonist.
  • Betty Ross will appear in the film.
  • General Ross will become the Red Hulk.
  • Natasha Romanoff could appear in the film.
  • Jennifer Walters aka She-Hulk could appear in the film.


  • Aaron Eckhart might appear as Clay Quartermain.
  • CONFIRMED: Mark Ruffalo will be Bruce Banner/Hulk.
  • After the release of The Avengers, Angie Harmon stated that she would like to portray She-Hulk, and revealed to Conan O'Brian that she is one of the studio's top choices should the character be introduced. [1]
  • Ty Simpkins will be appearing as Harley Keener. [2]
  • Tim Blake Nelson will return as Samuel Sterns aka The Leader.
  • Betty Ross[3] and Samuel Sterns may be recast.
  • Marvel are looking at Tom Welling for a role.[4]
  • Daniel Radcliffe is talking with Marvel about doing a movie.[5][6]
  • LL Cool J will have a role in the film.[7][8][9]


  • He will be no longer a wanted person.
  • Bruce and Betty will reunite.
  • Furious that S.H.I.E.L.D pardoned Banner, a spiteful General Ross may become the Red Hulk as the physical threat to counter the intellectual threat of the Leader.
  • Both Banner and General Ross as Red Hulk may have to set aside their differences to team up against Sterns, and Ross will sacrifice himself to save Bruce; ending the character's arc with redemption. William Hurt has expressed enthusiasm for the Red Hulk story, but also noted he would like his character to have a heroic send off.
  • The story might be based on the "Planet Hulk" series. 
  • The Leader might be the villain.
  • The film will use a storyline from Marvel NOW series The Indestructible Hulk.[10][11]
  • The film may be titled, "Indestructible Hulk", and it may revolve Banner becoming an agent of S.H.I.E.L.D.[12]



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