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The Incredible Hulk is a video game based on the Marvel superhero Hulk and the 2008 film.

Voice Cast

  • Edward Norton - Bruce Banner
  • Liv Tyler - Betty Ross
  • Tim Roth - Emil Blonsky
  • William Hurt - General Ross
  • Tim Blake Nelson - Samuel Sterns
  • Chris Edgerly - Enclave Soldier, Stark Industries Hulkbuster, Bi-Beast Bottom Head
  • Courtenay Taylor - Summervox, Minerva Leader
  • Dave Wittenburg - Male Pedestrian, Special Forces Officer, Vulcan Leader
  • Fred Tatasciore - Hulk, Joe Fix-It Hulk, Grey Hulk, Green Scar Hulk, Maestro Hulk, Professor Hulk, Classic Hulk
  • Jeffrey Parker - Abomination (Vocal Effects)
  • Jon Curry - Rick Jones, Abomination
  • Keith Ferguson - X-Ray, Army Soldier, Bi-Beast Top Head
  • Michael Gammon - Major Glenn Talbot, Lab Tech
  • Mitch Lewis - Ironclad, Cop, Male Computer Voice
  • Rachael MacFarlane - Vapor/Ann Darnell, Female Pedestrian
  • Scott Bullock - Vector/Simon Utrecht, Jupiter Leader, Hulkbuster
  • Simbi Kali Williams - Ceres Leader
  • Stephen Stanton - Iron Man, Male Pedestrian 2






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