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The Incredible Hulk
Release Date: 1977
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The Incredible Hulk is a television film broadcast in 1977. The film acted as a pilot for television series of the same name.


David Banner, a scientist, is haunted by the death of his wife whom he couldn't save in a car accident. While he is researching the hidden strength of in all humans he discovers that super-human strength can be related to solar flares. In an experiment, he gives himself a dose of gamma radiation. However the dosage is accidentally too high. Now he turns into "The Hulk" whenever he gets angry.


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(none) Death in the Family

The Incredible Hulk
The Incredible Hulk | The Incredible Hulk: A Death in the Family
The Incredible Hulk Returns | The Trial of the Incredible Hulk | The Death of the Incredible Hulk

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