Trivia about The Fantastic Four.

  • In an interview with the filmmaker Kevin Smith, Stan Lee, the creator of the "Fantastic Four", said that, unknown to its cast and crew, this movie was never intended to be released, and it was made only because the studio that owned the rights to make a "Fantastic Four" movie would have lost those rights if it did not begin production by a certain date.
  • The studio provided Roger Corman a few million dollars - much of it was spent on The Thing's costume and there was an absence of other special effects in the movie.
  • Mark Ruffalo auditioned for the role of Doctor Doom. He eventually ended up playing another Marvel character. He went on to play Bruce Banner in The Avengers.
  • Patrick Warburton auditioned for the role of Ben Grimm.
  • Renée O'Connor auditioned for the role of Susan Storm.
  • When Doctor Doom is talking to the Fantastic Four on the screen at one point he spells out what he says, but it is backwards because he spells it from his perspective.
  • The latter H.Q. location of the F.F. in the movie is actually the 444 Flower Building (now known as the Citigroup Center) is also the the law offices of McKenzie, Brackman, Chaney and Kuzak from the L.A. Law television series from NBC that ran from from September 15, 1986, to May 19, 1994 and L.A. Law: The Movie. As well as seen in the following: The building appears in the Los Angeles level of the video game Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 3. The building appears in the video game Grand Theft Auto V. It is located in downtown Los Santos (the game's equivalent of Los Angeles), however is renamed the Schlongberg Sachs Center, which is the game's equivalent of The Goldman Sachs Group. The building appears as Catco Enterprises in Supergirl. The building appears to collapse when the US Bank Tower collapses on top of it in San Andreas.