The Amazing Spider-Man is the soundtrack of the 2012 film of the same name and comprised of music composed by James Horner.

Track list

  1. "Main Title - Young Peter"
  2. "Becoming Spider-Man"
  3. "Playing Basketball"
  4. "Hunting for Information"
  5. "The Briefcase"
  6. "The Spider Room - Rumble in the Subway"
  7. "Secrets"
  8. "The Equation"
  9. "The Ganali Device"
  10. "Ben's Death"
  11. "Metamorphosis"
  12. "Rooftop Kiss"
  13. "The Bridge"
  14. "Peter's Suspicions"
  15. "Making a Silk Trap"
  16. "Lizard at School!"
  17. "Saving New York"
  18. "Oscorp Tower"
  19. "I Can't See You Anymore"
  20. "Promises - End Titles"

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