Trivia for The Amazing Spider-Man.

  • Contrary to popular belief, "Spider-Man" was not canceled because of low ratings. In fact, the series performed well in the ratings, but TV politics were believed to have played a role in the cancellation; CBS executives apparently wanted to shed the network's image as "The Superhero Network," so they canceled the show, in addition to "Wonder Woman." (However, "The Incredible Hulk" remained at the network until 1982.)
  • Stan Lee, Spider-Man's co-creator, disliked the show and was vocal about his dissatisfaction with it; he once said in an interview that he felt the series was "too juvenile."
  • This is the only live-action depiction of Spider-Man's spider-tracers, a small electronic tracking device that is installed in a casing that resembles a spider.
  • In an interview with SFX Magazine in 2002, Nicholas Hammond said he was going to reprise the role of Peter Parker/Spider-Man in a TV movie that would have paired Spider-Man with The Incredible Hulk. The telefilm would have been distributed by Universal Pictures and Columbia Pictures for a spring 1984 air date, with Hammond also serving as a co-writer alongside Ron Satlof and Stan Lee. Bill Bixby would reprise his role of Dr. David Bruce Banner, as well as serve as the telefilm's director, and Lou Ferrigno would reprise his role of The Incredible Hulk. Despite getting most of the crew members from both the "Spider-Man" and "Hulk" TV series involved and creating the new black "alien" costume from the comics for Hammond's Spider-Man to wear, Universal canceled the project before filming began due to budgetary reasons.
  • Aside from Peter/Spiderman, J Jonah Jameson is the only character from the comic book series to appear regularly on the show. Aunt May and Joe Robbie Robertson both appeared in the pilot. Aunt May also appeared in one regular episode, played by a different actress. It would appear that Rita is based on Glory Grant from the Spiderman comics, and Captain Barbera based on Captain Stacy.

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