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Telford Porter
Vanisher movie
Alias(es) Vanisher
Appeared in X-Men: The Last Stand
Status Unknown (Original Timeline)
Unknown (New Timeline)

Telford Porter is a mutant member of the Brotherhood who possesses the ability of teleportion, similiar to Nightcrawler's .


X-Men: The Last Stand

Telford Porter is a mutant, member of Magneto's Brotherhood of Mutants. He follows his team to Alcatraz Island, where he fights Warren Worthington II's men and the army. It is unknown what his fate is after the battle.

Powers and abilities

Teleportation: Vanisher is a powerful teleporter. He is able to teleport both himself and a certain amount of additional mass over an unknown maximum distance almost instantly. It is believed that Vanisher traverses the Darkforce Dimension when teleporting, consciously determining his point of return. The entire process occurs so quickly that Vanisher is usually unaware of traveling through another dimension. Vanisher's teleportational range and the amount of mass he could teleport with himself remain unknown.

Character traits

Since he's a follower of Erik Lehnsherr, it's assumed he feels a deep hatred toward humans.



Behind the scenes

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  • In the comics, the Vanisher is one of the most powerful and important villains, while in the movie he only has a cameo.
  • It is confirmed in the dvd commentary that the teleporter appearing during Alcatraz battle is actually the Vanisher.


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