Tadashi Hamada
Appeared in Big Hero 6
Status Deceased
Actor Daniel Henney

Tadashi Hamada was Hiro Hamada's older brother.


Big Hero 6

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Character traits

Tadashi was in many ways a visionary idealist who bound his group of friends together through his kindness, understanding, and level-headed demeanor. Though brilliant, he often looked to bring out the best in others, relentlessly encouraging his younger brother to use his gifted mind for something more than just gambling on bot battles. He had a deep and abiding belief in helping others as evidenced by his creation of Baymax: a medical droid who he believed would help to change the world for the better. He was also remarkably patient and persistent, contending with several dozen failed trial runs in the creation of Baymax. This was also evident in his ability to deal with Fred's often off-color humor and topics of interest. Tadashi was also uncommonly brave, running to save Professor Callaghan from the fire, and ultimately losing his life in the process. He was very much loved by his friends and family, with his friends respectfully offering their support to his Aunt Cass and his brother Hiro after his death. His legacy was carried on by his friends and younger brother in their adventures as superheroes.


Appearances/Voice Actors

Behind the scenes

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Big Hero 6

Promotion and Concept Art



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